BABY-DEE Diaper Cream – Only if You Love a Perfume Baby

BabyDee Diaper CreamI was shopping at Giant the other day and thought I would try this Baby-dee diaper cream. Comes in a 50gram tube and it’s ‘Honey Flavour’. The brand is a sub-brand of Yuri. Very strong smell when you apply it.

I applied it on my son and he smells like perfume. I prefer him to smell like Johnsons! 🙂 My son always has diaper rash if you don’t apply diaper rash cream on him, this product does not work. I have the talcum powder too and I think it’s just too strong a smell. Some people may like it, but I definitely don’t.

Won’t be trying any other products under this brand too.

RATING : 1/10

VAGISIL Feminine Wash

Vagisil WashIn my teenage years, I remember SUMMER’S EVE coming down to the school to promote their products. They gave out a few samples which I tried, but felt it unnecessary to continue using. There was no major difference. Since then, I’ve not bothered with trying another brand, have just continued using the regular soap to clean the intimate area.

I have recently tried another feminine wash – VAGISIL – I think it cleanses better than Summer’s Eve. It refreshes gently and has a neutral-gently fresh scent. Very mild and cleans without irritation. I would usually first clean with the regular body wash and then finish with Vagisil – it is now in my daily shower routine to do so.

I highly recommend all ladies to try this product – it’s not very expensive and every woman should take care of the delicate area – keep it clean.

RATING : 7/10

NIVEA HAND – Moisture Boost Gel Creme

Nivea Hand CreamI have to admit that I adore little miniature beauty products especially hand cream and perfume – they are very handy, love a small tube of hand cream on the desk, one in the handbag, one in the toilet, one beside the bed.

Last Christmas I was hosting a Christmas party and as always would shop for door gifts for my guests. One of the door gifts for the ladies was this 30ml Nivea Hand Cream I got from Guardian Pharmacy, I think it was S$1.99 for that trial size. Really good value. I’ve got one extra tube and have placed it on my desk for constant moisturizing. Love the smell, it’s that that velvety smooth feel after you apply it. It feels really ‘wet & diluted’ when you apply it, but when you massage into your skin, your skin feels velvety smooth later.

With sea minerals and Vitamin E, a very affordable hand cream for constant regular use. Smells like a typical ‘ocean’ fragrance. We don’t need expensive creams do we? 🙂

RATING : 9/10

Brand of Tissue Paper – Does It Matter?

KleenexI am never bothered with the brand of tissue paper and would usually purchase the cheapest priced tissue value packs. Most of them turned out ok until I recently used the ‘Giant’ brand.

When I wiped my face, bits got stuck onto my face. When I used it to wipe my son’s mouth after his meals, bits got stuck onto his lips. This may not sound like a big deal, but it is very unpleasant and I would rather spend a little bit more on a good tissue. I was really glad when I used up all the tissue boxes and could purchase new ones.

My auntie is a big fan of Kleenex and recommended me to try. I am now a huge fan of Kleenex from facial tissues to toilet rolls. Love the soft texture, love the firmness and simply enjoy tissues in the right way now.

RATING : 8.5/10

Eyebrow Embroidery – Cheaterbugs out there at White Sands Shopping Mall – BEWARE!

Eyebrow EmbroideryMany of us have natural eyebrows that are shapeless and lifeless. Natural eyebrows look perfectly fine for school and in our younger years. As we age, we begin to be more conscious and more particular with grooming. Plucking and Shaving are only temporary methods of shaping the eyebrow. Most of us do not know how to shape our eyebrow to the perfect shape, a lot of us don’t even know what shape is most suitable for our face, so we head to the beauty salon once every two weeks to get it tidied. That is if you have the time to do so. I must admit, I’m lazy to get my eyebrows trimmed at the salon. I wanted a more permanent way, so many years ago have done eyebrow embroidery which was popular at the time.

There are different types of eyebrow embroidery, some can even costs up to S$2000, believe it or not. I’ve done this three times in my life. The first time was done by a home-based beautician, the second time was done at an exhibition, the third time was done at a proper beauty salon just a few blocks away from my mum’s place in Pasir Ris. If you visit Pasir Ris White Sands shopping mall, you will come by quite a large size booth-type ‘salon’ offering eyebrow embroidery services. The sales staff who are mostly from China are good at luring you in, draw a nice template eyebrow on your one side and convince you to do eyebrow embroidery. I was also one of those led into their little shop space, laid on a sofa and one eyebrow ‘specialist’ started drawing. They were pretty good in artwork, so it’s easy to be tempted. To lure you in, they would say 5 dollars for drawing you a sample and for trimming if you decide not to do eyebrow embroidery.


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