BABY-DEE Diaper Cream – Only if You Love a Perfume Baby

I was shopping at Giant the other day and thought I would try this Baby-dee diaper cream. Comes in a 50gram tube and it’s ‘Honey Flavour’. The brand is a sub-brand of Yuri. Very strong smell when you apply it. I applied it on my son and he smells like perfume. I prefer him to […]

VAGISIL Feminine Wash

In my teenage years, I remember SUMMER’S EVE coming down to the school to promote their products. They gave out a few samples which I tried, but felt it unnecessary to continue using. There was no major difference. Since then, I’ve not bothered with trying another brand, have just continued using the regular soap to […]

NIVEA HAND – Moisture Boost Gel Creme

I have to admit that I adore little miniature beauty products especially hand cream and perfume – they are very handy, love a small tube of hand cream on the desk, one in the handbag, one in the toilet, one beside the bed. Last Christmas I was hosting a Christmas party and as always would […]

Brand of Tissue Paper – Does It Matter?

I am never bothered with the brand of tissue paper and would usually purchase the cheapest priced tissue value packs. Most of them turned out ok until I recently used the ‘Giant’ brand. When I wiped my face, bits got stuck onto my face. When I used it to wipe my son’s mouth after his […]

Eyebrow Embroidery – Cheaterbugs out there at White Sands Shopping Mall – BEWARE!

Many of us have natural eyebrows that are shapeless and lifeless. Natural eyebrows look perfectly fine for school and in our younger years. As we age, we begin to be more conscious and more particular with grooming. Plucking and Shaving are only temporary methods of shaping the eyebrow. Most of us do not know how […]